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About Us

About Us - Your world's local caterer

Monash Catering has an international array of experienced chefs who can provide authentic international delights that will dazzle your taste buds. Using only the freshest produce, real spices, specialised chefs and personalised care, these are our ingredients for success. We provide either simple delivery or a fully catered service for all occasions, yet at the same time, flexible enough to cater to your individual needs.

Want the flavours of Indian, Japanese, Greek, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Italian or even Korean dishes to spice up your function? Our renowned chefs specialise in every flavour and aroma of the world and will be cooking up a storm for you!! Our dedicated staff has also perfected the art of baking mouth-watering baked goods, from glorious pies to scrumptious pastries. The freshest gourmet sandwiches and the most delicious pita rolls are created with an artistic flair, belonging more in an art gallery than on a sandwich platter. Our versatility is the key to your successful function.

For a fully flexible extraordinary experience, Monash Catering delivers. We are: "Your world's local caterer".


Monash Catering is based at Monash University's Clayton, Berwick, Peninsula Campus. The foundation of Monash Catering's excellence and drive for perfection comes from its success with "Monash Meeting Point".

Monash Catering has distinguished itself through the hiring of specialised chefs. These "specialists" provide the authentic touch, only using the freshest possible ingredients. Whether you're looking for Korean or Italian or our tempting gourmet sandwiches, Monash Catering has the skills and experience to cater for your function.

Another key advantage of utilising our service is our flexibility, the ability to provide customised care. If there's something that you don't want or something that you do, our chefs are dedicated to changing the set menu in pursuit of catering to your needs.

With a reputation of extraordinary quality and personalised care, we promise an unforgettable experience.

Food of the World

With specialised chefs creating authentic Indian, Japanese, Greek, Chinese, Thai, Italian and Korean dishes, Monash Catering really is "Your World's local caterer".

Bake House

Our Bake House provides the most scrumptious cakes, savoury and pastries. Make your mouth water with our wide range of selections.

Gourmet Sandwiches

Our resident sandwich artist has years of experience in creating delectable sandwiches and rolls for every occasion.

A la carte

A superb a la carte menu will confuse you more with what tasty temptations to choose from. From the divine to the sublime, choose dishes that suit your tastes.